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Welcome to our translation agency!

Translation agency Nasha Mova is located in Ukraine. We provide translation services of any type and style. We translate technical, medical, business, scientific, legal texts and documents, websites, news, advertisements, and personal correspondence. We specialize in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Dutch, and Polish, while our native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. Even though better results are achieved when translation is done by a native speaker, we will do our best to properly and conscientiously translate your document not only into Russian or Ukrainian, but also into English or another foreign language. In fact, any combination of the above-mentioned languages is possible.

We will complete your order with a professional approach, accuracy, and in time. If it is a matter of great importance - let us say, a medical diagnosis where each term makes a big difference and even a small mistake may cause serious consequences - we will engage an expert for consulting. Our staff consists of both full-time translators and freelancers, so we are always ready to work on a big project with a strict deadline. It should be added that we take the issue of ethics and confidentiality very seriously. It goes without saying that all documents will be kept under our strict privacy guidelines.

Sometimes there is no need to translate the whole text because the customer is only interested to know its gist. In this case we can offer a summary translation to you - our translator will thoroughly study the whole text, choose and translate its key points. This method is very cost-effective if there is no need for a full translation.

Besides translation services, we offer interpretation services - in both Vinnytsia, where our office is based, and other major cities of Ukraine, including Kyiv. Our interpreter will be happy to help you at meetings, conferences, and other events. Also, we will assist you in search of business contacts, in organization of touristic events, or whatever it is.

The world is developing dramatically fast. Our life is constantly changing, and each day people face new challenges. One of them is the language barrier. People travel a lot nowadays. Businesses move from one country to another, cooperate, and merge with each other. Globalization hits every sphere of life. Computers have become so smart that they can send a man to the Moon or perform complicated mathematical calculations a thousand times faster than a human brain, but there is one thing that they cannot do - they cannot translate a text. Computer translation software may be helpful for translating simple sentences and is indispensable as a dictionary, but if it comes to a more complicated text, machines fail. The point is that any language is a more complex thing than it might seem. A famous poet and translator once said, "Not we speak the language, but the language speaks us..." Smile

We will help you find a solution to the language problem. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or wishes - we are here to help you. We will do anything possible to make our cooperation fruitful and successful!

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