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Offering translation services of any kind and complexity within a minimum period of time…

Translation Rates

Nasha Mova provides translation services from English, German, Dutch, Polish into Russian and Ukrainian and back.

The translation of an ordinary text, which does not contain too much terminology, will cost EUR 0.02 per word. An average Microsoft Word page contains approximately 250 words, so its total cost will be about EUR 5.

The cost of translation may increase a little in case of more complicated texts: contracts, technical manuals, medical records, etc. The reason for this is that such translations cause much more work with dictionaries, they require scientific research and a specialist's assistance. However, the price will not increase considerably.

Translation prices depend on several factors: Sometimes there is no need to translate the whole text because the customer only wants to know its general idea. In this situation we can offer you summary translation. The aim of summary translation is to allow the reader to understand the key points of the original document. Our translator will read through the whole document to asses its most important elements. Then the document is translated into the target language. This is the most cost-effective option for long texts if there is no need for full translation.

Before the project we will discuss all issues of our co-operation with you. Just send us your document and we will come up with the total price. Before we start to work on your order, we will have to ask you for an advance payment of about 30 % from the total estimated price.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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